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MonteMathics - Web Program     
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You can use our Web Programs online from our web site. To be able to sign in you need a subscription in which the following is included:

MonteMathics: The program that teaches mathematics in a very simple and concrete way.

Note that our reading programs and books also are included in the subscription but in Swedish only. For more information about this please visit our Swedish web site.

The math program that

  • Is Pedagogical!
  • Is in Plain Terms!
  • Is Appealing!

The program is inspired by the Montessori pedagogy and is teaching mathematics in a very simple and concrete way. It contains 54 different exercises, with several variants, which build on each other with progressively increasing difficulty. The program will lay the foundation for a more insightful awareness of numbers and their relation, as well as giving the child a positive view of mathematics.
The program has a broad age level and is suitable for children in kindergarten and up through the entire primary school.

The unique thing about MonteMathics is that in many of the exercises the children can count hands-on. The hand is the tool of the brain and helps the mathematical mind to develop. By using precise movements to calculate e.g. beads, numbers or rods, the child also develops his fine motor skills. Just like in real life.

MonteMathics is included in our subscription for Web Programs.
Available in English and Swedish.

Some technical information
No downloads or installations need to be done, the programs run directly in a browser from our website and can be run on both computers and tablets.

Some words about tablets. Our web programs are designed to run with a web browser on a computer or tablet. What is crucial for the experience is the size of the screen, the smaller the screen the more scrolling and/or zooming will be needed. We have also improved how sound is played in the exercises, but there may be some differences in how different browsers handle this. Feel free to try our programs for free for two weeks to see how they work in your device. If you should run into any problems then please try another browser.

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